By Doug Newman

November 25, 2009

Concerning Sarah Palin, a few observations:

1) If she can’t take the heat in Juneau – population 31,000 and two McDonald’s – how on earth will she withstand the pressure cooker that is Washington DC? This is my very first question to all of you who would vote for her for president.

2) She cannot be a libertarian, a constitutionalist or Ron Paul Lite for three reasons:

a.      McCain picked her.

b.      She accepted McCain’s nomination.

c.      The totally pro-war, pro-police state Religious Right media spin machine went totally BONKERS over her much the way they did when Bush 43 uttered something about Jesus one time. These very same people were more aggressive than anyone in burying the very existence of Ron Paul.

3) I have no sympathy for her. When you seek the office of VP, EXPECT that your personal life will be ripped apart. Don’t be surprised! The neocon moaning and groaning is endless: “Oh the liberal media was so mean to her!”  It is as if she was the first political figure ever whose personal life was the object of a media feeding frenzy. I guess no one remembers Bill Clinton.

4) I do, however, feel sorry for her children, especially Bristol, who was gotten with child by one Levi Johnston -- who has now posed for Playgirl -- and was subject to so much media atteention. When you are the Most Holy Queen Mother of the Religious Right and you have an unwed, pregnant 17-year-old daughter, you are unspeakably naive if you think the media will leave the matter alone. (And ladies: before you claw my eyes out, I would be much harsher on any male politician who had a daughter in such a situation and then pranced off to bask in political glory.) Parenthood is a much higher calling than political office. America has a far bigger problem with leadership around the home than it does with leadership in Washington. (Related article: www.thefot.us/palin.html)

5  5) In his 1983 bestseller, Megatrends, John Naisbitt wrote that fads are top-down, and trends are bottom up. Palinism is a fad from the top-down: it is all about her and if something should happen to her, it will be all over. Paulism is bottom-up: he has lit a grassfire for liberty that now goes way beyond him and if something should happen to him, the movement will go on and on and on. Justin Raimondo writes: “'Palinism' is a hairstyle. Paulism is a bona fide movement. The first has no future — no, she won’t be a major contender, come the presidential sweepstakes, as George Will predicted on the Stephanopoulos program. The second IS the future, if the GOP is to have a future." (Raimondo's blog piece is short but excellent.)

6) 6) Palin was probably a good person at one point. As a friend once said, when you dance with the devil, you do not change him, he changes you. My prayer is that she fades away before early 2011 when the campaigns really kick into gear. This will be good for her. She can then get her soul back.

I just lost friends.

If you lose friends over your Palin rant on THEFOT, then who gives a crap. You and I have different views on some things, but white trash describes her well. No sympathy for someone who whines about her privacy after she becomes such a public figure (and won't get the hell out of the public's eye), dolls up the sperm-boy hockey papa, and tries to tell others how to live their lives.

I want to scratch her eyes out and watch her twist, but she is doing a good job of doing that to herself. I wouldn't even buy the BIG pop-up version of her book.
-- AN

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