By Doug Newman

November 27, 2007

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As if we had not heard enough recently about Taser-happy cops, this evening brought me three new stories. I got in from work this evening and logged on to my new favorite internet forum and read the following:

Is it the Florida water, or the legacy of Janet Reno, the former state attorney general? (More on her in just a minute.)

Tasering is harsh and extremely painful. In each of the above cases, tasering constituted “cruel and unusual punishment.” tasering is a form of “pain compliance”, which is just a euphemism for torture. Tasering has killed people.

In each case, police claimed they tasered these kids for their own good. This is all too reminiscent of the army officer during Vietnam who claimed that it was necessary to destroy a village in order to save it.

The word “village” got me thinking. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (1) wrote a bestselling book titled “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” Hillary and her husband, Kim Jong-Bill, had very interesting ideas about how children – not Chelsea, but less privileged children -- ought to be raised. (2) Consider the 20-plus innocent children who were incinerated at Waco. Consider the machine gun pointed at little Elian Gonzalez.

Last year, I stated that, “The same folks who laughed convulsively when Hillary Clinton stated that ‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’ evidently have no problem with the idea that it takes a police state to raise a child.”

I don’t want to give Hillary any ideas, but just imagine her coauthoring a book with her husband’s – Waco Willie’s – attorney general, Jackboot Janet Reno. The book would be called “It Takes a Taser to Raise a Child.”

(1) There is only one presidential contender who is unequivocally opposed to such police state measures. His name is RON PAUL. If we don't elect him, this whole election will be absolutely meaningless.

(2) Just so you know I don't favor either the Clintons or the Bushes, Jeb Bush's kids don't get tasered when they say "I don't think so" to the authorities. His son wasn't tasered when he resisted arrest in Austin in 2005. His daughter wasn't tasered when she was caught with crack cocaine in violation of her probation in 2002.

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Really good of course. But, you should have simply said "it takes a village to tase a child." Right? We (the village) authorize the tasing, so... And it would have been more alliterative. -- TD in Maryland

There was one time not too long ago when the local police were about to take one of the kids from our facility to detention. According to my co-workers who were present, one of the officers said something about tasing the kid.

This kid was ten years old, scrawny as a spaghetti string, and compliant with the officers according to my co-workers.

This kid was no doubt a pain in the ass. But from experience, I can say that while this kid was often oppositional you could appeal to his pride and self interest without much trouble. At least I could. He never gave me major problems although he gave others hell. I think it was all in the approach.

But the thought of this little guy (probably not even 70 pounds) getting tased was just appalling. It would have been too much for his little body.
-- AN in Ohio

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