By Doug Newman

November 8, 2007

Letter to the Rocky Mountain News



One of the biggest political events in recent years took place on Monday, and I have not seen a word about it in the Rocky Mountain News.


Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). who has been written off by many as a curiosity candidate, raised $4.2 million on Monday. This is the largest amount raised on any single day by any Republican presidential candidate so far. He now needs to be taken seriously as a presidential contender.

Ron Paul has been the best friend that we the people have had in Washington in several decades. He has stood foursquare with the Constitution and against all schemes -- Republican and Democratic -- to take away the liberty it guarantees. You can count on Ron Paul to uphold his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” as president because he has already done so during his ten terms in Congress. His voting record bears witness to this.

The 37,000 people who contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign on Monday are not typically predisposed to ask their government to give them anything. However, Ron Paul wants to give the American people something they have not had in a very long time: strictly limited constitutional government. I, for one, am okay with this.


We recently applauded the Rockies’ rise from baseball mediocrity to the National League pennant. It was an amazing story and the Rocky devoted lavish attention to it. The success of the Ron Paul campaign is similarly impressive.


I love baseball, but the race for the White House is of greater importance. The failure of the Rocky to report on this amazing triumph by the Ron Paul campaign constitutes journalistic dereliction of duty.


Douglas F. Newman


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