By Doug Newman

December 14, 2009

Posted on Facebook and Freedom4um and published in the Denver Post.

December 14, 2009


Letters to the Editor
The Denver Post

101 W. Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO 80202




I commend Tiger Woods on his decision to step aside from golf indefinitely to deal with his personal issues. Even though he has made numerous bad decisions, we should applaud this one.


A lot of politicians could learn from Tiger. Sports and politics are two places where adultery is out of control. Regardless of party, politicians have been notorious for their involvement in sex scandals.


Let every elected and aspiring public official who is or has been involved in adultery do what Tiger Woods has done: just walk away. Resign from office or withdraw from the race! If you will violate your marital vows – i.e. the most sacred you will ever make – how can you be trusted with your campaign promises or oath of office?


So we go for a time with a plethora of vacant offices around the country. Would anyone’s life be any worse for it? Perhaps we could start to get our soul back as a nation.


And let voters do what Tiger Woods’ sponsors are starting to do: drop support. Don’t reward known adulterers with your vote, no matter how much you may like their politics. Don’t tolerate in your elected officials what you would not tolerate from your spouse.


Douglas F. Newman

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