By Doug Newman

February 16, 2008

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Ever since 9/11, millions of Americans have been more than willing to surrender their liberty in the name of “national security.” Security from what, may I ask?

Terrorists pose zero threat to our freedom. Terrorism is not a philosophy of government, but a means of venting political grievances. Terrorists control no governments nor command any armies. Even if you believe the official story on 9/11, the 19 hijackers are – how shall I describe this? – DEAD! You can’t take over a country and force its people to speak Arabic and to pray toward Mecca five times a day WHEN YOU ARE DEAD!

However, our government has been hard at work, with our blessing, turning the land of the free into a full-blown police state. While our troops fight and die “for our freedom” in Iraq and Afghanistan, we gladly give up our freedom here at home. Millions of us praise grossly intrusive airport security, warrantless searches and wiretaps, no-knock raids, tasering, arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, guilt without trial, torture and martial law as necessary for our “protection”. Protection from what?

Another measure being implemented in the name of protection and security is the Read ID Act (RIDA). Last week, former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) wrote a piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the threats to our liberty inherent in this act. Let me briefly summarize.

Feel any freer? Feel any more secure?

Hmm. Me neither.

And it is not “the terrorists” who want to do this to us. It is our own government.

I was referred to Mr. Barr’s fine column in an e-mail containing the following phrase: “First a card in your wallet, next a chip in your flesh....”

The RIDA moves us inexorably closer to the “mark” prophesied in Revelation 13:18, without which no one may buy or sell. The technology is already in place for such chip implants. When these implants become a reality, and you step out of line, the powers that be can just turn that chip off. It will all of a sudden be as if you never existed. You will not be able to so much as buy groceries. You will become, in true Orwellian fashion, an unperson.

Our supposedly Great Christian President is pushing the RIDA. Former Arkansas Governor – and shameless religious hustler – Mike Huckabee likewise supports it. The only surviving presidential candidate in either major party who opposes the RIDA is – surprise! – Congressman Ron Paul.

And if you are so trusting that a Republican president would not abuse their power, would you be similarly trusting of A DEMOCRAT? If you give up your freedom to one party, you give it up to the other as well.

America has two constitutions. There is the written Constitution, which has a very simple purpose: to restrain the federal government and to protect our God-given rights. And then there is the constitution of the people themselves, i.e. what are we really made of? And if the people are so mentally, morally and spiritually bankrupt as to surrender their liberties for some touchy-feely sense of security, the written constitution becomes just a worthless piece of paper.

Email. I get email. I get lots and lots of email....

Doug, you worthless piece of ___. How dare you write anything so horribly and simply true. I mean the nerve! Suggesting that Republicans are willing to surrender freedoms to government under Republicans that they wouldn't be willing to under a Democrat? Who do you think you are? Ron Paul?  Whoops! -- RB in Florida

Thank you for a fine article. A foot note re chips: Recently I read two articles discussing chips in animals which may lead to cancer. I sent the articles to friends in Texas who have been showing and breeding Akitas (large dog breed originally from Japan) for 25 years. They replied that none of their dogs have been chipped. However, they had bought one dog directly from Japan where she had been chipped prior to departure. This was also the only dog of theirs to die from bone cancer a few years later. Perhaps a coincidence ? Can anyone create problems and disasters like government can ? -- TB in Oregon

Good one, Doug. By the way, in a police state, who protects us from police statism? Oh yeah, the State and its police. I forgot for a minute. -- MM in Canada

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