$700,000,000,000 IN PERSPECTIVE

By Doug Newman

September 23, 2008

No, I am not going to try and calculate how many years would equal 700 billion seconds or how many miles tall a stack of 700 billion $1 bills would be.

Let me just lay three thoughts on you.

1) That is $2333 for every American. Where will this come from? Do you have $2333 between the cushions of your couch?

2) When I first started following politics seriously in 1980 Ronald Reagan was on his way to Washington saying a $600 billion government was too big and costly. For 26 of the 28 years since Reagan was elected, we have had Republican presidents and/or Republican congressional majorities.

3) Now, our "conservative" president wants to spend a sum 20% greater than this on just one aspect of the government and a totally unconstitutional one at that! He already outspends Kommunist Klinton -- aka Kim Jong-Bill -- by $1 trillion per year.

I hope I am not the only person who understands the magnitude of these numbers.

Two words: SOUND MONEY!

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