By Doug Newman

March 27, 2007

On March 23, 1997, I launched my web page, The Fountain of Truth. I embarked on this project because “people are down on what they are not up on.” I wanted to educate people about the relationship between Christianity and individual liberty. I never intended to offer any new explanations for anything. Rather, I desired to reacquaint people with old explanations, i.e. the biblical and constitutional underpinnings of this Republic.

Ten years have come and gone. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The internet was somewhat of a novelty in the spring of ’97. I had bought my first computer on Halloween of 1996. After a few months of hacking around, I found free hosting through Geocities. I started out with no graphics, about half a dozen of my own essays and about 30 links.

Today, other than on my home page, I still have very few graphics. I want to stay true to my original intent, if you will, of delivering a sufficiently compelling message in words rather than pictures. Half a dozen essays have turned into over 150. Forty links have turned into over 1400. I have huge sections of classic quotes and essays by other authors.

On some days, my site has had well over 200 visitors; on an average day, I get around 55. Based on e-mails I get, my fan base stretches across America and Canada and extends to places like Poland, Singapore and Australia. I cannot say for sure that "the sun never sets on The Fountain of Truth." However, it shines on it for a good 17 hours per day.

In recent years, the focus has shifted in a far more spiritual direction. Oh sure, I will still write on current events, but not so much. I have felt God calling me to dig deeper into His Word, and to examine events biblically. If what I say does not conform to your partisan orthodoxy, too bad. God's Word is supreme. We trivialize it when we compromise if for political expediency.

September 11, 2001 changed a lot of things. For a time, I believed the official story on the horrible events of that day. However, I would eventually start to doubt it. I started asking questions that evening, when I heard that WTC Tower 7 had collapsed. I asked even more questions when I heard that one of the hijackers’ passports -- made of paper, mind you -- had survived all the fires and explosions and was found in the rubble. (1)

Amidst the endless clamor for security, I could not remain silent. Even if you believe the official story on 9/11, you have to acknowledge that, while horrible crimes were committed that day, the liberty of the American people was not attacked. However, politicians left and right capitalized on the event by promising security at the cost of what was left of our liberty. And millions of Americans drank their Kool-Aid.

I keep hearing that “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about” and that “a full-blown police state cannot happen here.”

To the first, I ask: How do you know you have nothing to hide? For four years, I sold yellow page advertising. I was in and out of numerous attorneys’ offices. I would often sit in awe of the number and thickness of law books on their shelves. The sheer number of laws and regulations in this country is mind boggling. The Federal Register is 70,000 pages thick; the Internal Revenue Code is 11,000,000 words long. There is no humanly possible way to know every law on the books, much less comply with all of them. Just ask anyone who has been stung by the IRS.

To the second, I reply that this country is already on the road to a full-blown police state. Just consider the following two facts:

  1. The United States of America, i.e. the land of the free, already had the world’s highest incarceration rate before 9/11.  
  2. All ten policy planks of the Communist Manifesto are already part of the law of the land. Things like a progressive income tax, federal government ownership of land, the federal Department of Education and the Federal Reserve Bank have no basis in either the Bible or America’s Founding Documents. They are all prescriptions of the Communist Manifesto. 

The majority of people I talk to about these things are not bothered by them. Often, they look at me as if I am speaking Swahili.

America aborts one million innocent babies per year. God has removed His Hand of Protection from this nation. I hate to sound too fatalistic, but I cannot put it more simply. It is the duty of Christian patriots everywhere to sound the alarm.

II Timothy 4:2-4 foretells of a time when people will not want to hear the truth, but rather they will surround themselves with people who tell them whatever they want to hear. Christians have a duty to preach the truth regardless of whether or not anyone is listening.

Ezekiel 33:6 instructs Christians to serve as watchmen. I see the sword coming. This sword is not that of some psychopath in a cave in Afghanistan. Rather, it is that of our own government. America is ruled by evil people who hold both our Founding principles as well as our national sovereignty beneath contempt. It is my duty and the duty of every Christian to resist this evil.

Matthew 24 prophesies all kinds of horrible things that will happen in the last days. While I cannot control future events, I can control my response to them. In the end, God wins! And if I stand firm with Jesus until the end, I will be saved. And if you stand firm with Jesus until the end, you too will be saved.

Again and again people ask why I am on my soap box. After all, this is not Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China or North Korea. We do have some freedom. Things could be a whole lot worse.

I respond that it is always easier to sound the alarm now, while I still have a measure of freedom, than to wait until all liberty is gone. Had more people been more vocal in opposition to Hitler in, say, 1933-35, most people never would have heard of Hitler. He, along with the Nazi Party, would have been historical footnotes.

I fervently pray that I am wrong, but I firmly believe that it will take death camps to wake a lot of Americans up.

DM is a Christian and firmly committed to liberty. A few months ago, he asked me the following:

“Don't you ever get tired of feeling everything is rotten in Denmark?  What if you get to be an old man like me and look back seeing how that cynicism of hating our vastly imperfect, liberal-liberal dominated government....  was not only a life-polluting dark cloud that wasted your vital energies.... but that it inhibited your effectiveness in actually protecting the freedoms we hold so dear?”

His sentiments are basically correct. When it comes to politics, the lies anger me and the truth depresses me. This is not a healthy way to go through life. Over the last few months, I have felt called to go in some different directions with my life and with my activism. I am not abandoning this project! However, I will be scaling back my activity level. And I will NOT be abandoning the Freedom Fight by any means!

Please keep me on your mailing lists, okay? I am always interested in hearing your thoughts and answering your questions.

My reasons for doing this are personal and financial. Don’t feel sorry for me. I just have other responsibilities at this point in my life. While I respect and admire those of you who devote far greater energy than I toward the Freedom Fight, I need to devote my energies elsewhere for the time being.

I have a few essays planned for Easter, July 4 and September 11. However, aside from adding some links here and there, my activity will be minimal in the coming months.

I thank all of you for your input and support over the years. Please stay in touch and feel free to write any time.

And never forsake those old explanations!

May God enrich your lives!

(1) My conclusion that the official story on 9/11 is a total lie was not the result of some “brain snap.” It was the result of somewhat extensive research. While I do not know exactly what happened on that horrible day, I do know what didn’t happen. The best source for 9/11 truth is the documentary “Loose Change”, which is 90 minutes long and can be found here on Google Video. While its approach might appear somewhat leftist, it is extremely thorough and impeccably well-documented. 

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