May 19, 2004

By Doug Newman

My response to an e-mail from SK. My comments are in red.

I have recently read an article on a website designed by you which has criticized many Christians for their strong support of President Bush.  If I am not mistaken you made references as to how many of our faith attempt to persuade other Christians to support President Bush due to his actions as president.  Upon further reading your observations I have noticed that you do not believe that God gives "support" to a particular party.  While this may or not be true in reading the book of Judges one may clearly see that God has a role in which rulers will come to power to govern our bodies.  These rulers at times may be men of Christ, as I believe George Bush to be based on his actions as our commander and chief, or these men may be heathens. 

Bush's actions as commander in chief include initiating aggression against a country with 1/13 our population, 1/180 our economy and 1/200 our military budget. Iraq had never done anything to us, nor had they ever threatened to do so. There is no Christian basis for initiating force and violence as America did regarding Iraq.

The book of Judges to me has made it all to clear that while God will not influence mens decisions He will watch over the rulers in power, either allowing their lands to prosper in times of righteousness or to diminish in times of ingratitude toward God.  To me this election is much more than a political battle, but a moral one as well. 

So many Christians put so much overemphasis on who is in the White House. The president cannot instill morality. Christian morality cannot be forced. Jesus only enters your life by invitation. (Revelation 3:20)

Mr. Bush has fought with valor to keep the word of God as he has hoped to save the lives of the unborn,

When the Ninth Circuit shot down the PBA ban, Bush and the Republicans did nothing. Article 3, Section 1 of the Constitution states that judges shall serve "during good Behaviour". Congress has the power to impeach rogue judges. Congress should have been doing just this for a long time. Additionally, under the Tenth Amendment, the states have the power to legislate on abortion without interference from the feds. The Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress have done nothing to protect the unborn.

aide those which are not capable of not helping themselves (in Iraq by means of security, food, and freedom which is yet to come),

For the first 2 years in office, W continued the Bush I - Clinton - UN Embargo of Iraqi oil, which had done horrendous damage to the Iraqi economy. Then he went in and bombed the bejeebers out of Iraq, killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. What a compassionate Christian guy! This has a lot in common with Vietnam: we destroy a nation in order to save it.

Concerning freedom for the Iraqi people, there might be one election. But give it time: one group of Islamic thugs will get power and you can forget about freedom. Islam - that religion of peace - is just Communism in a religious wrapping.

and by hoping to prevent gay marriages, which are quite obviously unlawful by the Bible which we read.  

Please read my piece on gay marriages.

Our president has done nothing but see that America has set a higher standard for morals in accordance to his belief in the Bible perhaps at the cost of his own election. 

From my piece on W that prompted your e-mail:

Oh sure, GWB got off Olde Demon Rum years ago and probably has not looked at a woman other than Laura in years. However, a president – any president – is powerless to set the moral tone for the nation. GWB’s own daughters have been busted for underage drinking. His niece has been caught possessing crack cocaine. His biggest supporter in the media is an admitted drug addict. The War on Drugs has been a positively monumental failure. We abort a million babies a year. Divorces are at an all-time high, even among Christians. Television, music and movies get filthier and filthier. Ozzy Osbourne is a guest at the Bush White House. Janet Jackson flashes her mammary on the most viewed television program on the planet. Christians are subject to more and more ridicule and harassment all the time. But don’t worry: our Great Leader is setting an irreproachable moral tone.

While the book of Judges does say that righteous leaders will be delivered by God yet so too does it say that a sinful leader may be delivered into the hands of a sinful generation.  It has been my belief that one failing to impress upon others their belief is not a true disciple of God, yet rather has grown at the heart. While I do not know many liberal politician's religious beliefs I too often see them claiming to be a Christian and contradicting their words by actions which would be seen as sin (one such example being the promotion of gay's rights or the denial of God in general). Forgive me if in any way I have interpreted these readings differently from you, yet at the same time I would urge you to read Judges so as to better understand the occurrences of today's world. Once more I would ask that you consider looking deeper into the person which you critique before condemning their actions, for many of the actions mentioned were only a way of some in dreaming that a figure as close to God and yet still in politics may still have a chance at leading our nation.  However, as both you and I know this election will be determined not by the people voting, but from the powers of God which allows either party to gain the strength to lead the nation into a righteous or unrighteous four years.  Thank you for your time.      

I will read the Book of Judges and report back to you. However, millions of Christians have been deceived by Bush's party label.

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