By Doug Newman

August 17, 2008

Posted at Police State USA and Freedom4um.

Over the last few days, I have received a bunch of e-mails from about the hypocrisy of evangelical Christian political activism. I want to address a few.

The first was a column by Mary Starrett on News With Views asking why the Family Research Council chose not to invite Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin to a recent “values-voters” summit. They invited John McPain and pro-infanticide Big Crock Obama. But they ignored Baldwin. You need to read this column for the FRC’s totally convoluted reasoning for their decision.

The second was from my Hungarian homeboy (1) in suburban Denver who asks similar questions about Saturday’s forum featuring McPain and Big Crock at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Orange County, California.

The third was from AC near Tampa on the New World Order allegiances of Rick Warren as well as all our recent presidents. This particular list goes back to Gerald Ford. However, all the presidents at least as far back as Woodrow Wilson have been tools of this shadow government. McPain and Big Crock are no different.

The fourth was a column by Laurie Roth on News with Views discussing how a group called the Organization of the Islamic Conference wants to criminalize Christianity at the United Nations. While her conclusions are totally wrong, she one more time prompts the question: what is America doing in the United Nations? It is the biggest collection of thugs, tyrants and other political pond scum ever to stink up this planet. It is a place where North Korea and Sudan can cancel America’s vote. Again, why is America even in the UN? And why is the church silent about this?

Christian celebrities who promote the two privileged pro-endless war, pro-socialism, pro-abortion on demand, pro-globalist parties are driven by a lust for political power and influence and the earthly glory that comes with it. They will disregard biblical morality at the drop of a hat in the name of advancing their political agendas.

They lie to us endlessly about overturning Roe v. Wade. They lie to us endlessly about the importance of judicial appointments. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOT PRO-LIFE! JOHN MCPAIN IS NOT PRO-LIFE! If they were, they would have heeded their job description – i.e. the Constitution – on this matter.

You don’t need to wish and wait and hope and pray that some day the Supreme Court will reverse Roe. At this rate they never will. Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution empowers Congress to restrict the activity of the federal courts. For four years, we had Republican House and Senate majorities as well as a Republican president. They could have overturned Roe in a matter of days.

If they wanted to.

If they actually were the upstanding moral Christian people that we were told they were.

But they are not. You shall know them by their fruits.

There is a congressman from Texas who introduced a bill pursuant to Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution which would have overturned Roe. He also introduced a bill that would have withdrawn the United States from the United Nations. He ran for president this year. His name was – you guessed it – Ron Paul.

And the purported conservative Christian media treated him even more disrespectfully than did that liberal media that they claim to diametrically oppose. I have talked with a lot of Christians over the past year who had never heard of Ron Paul. And these people certainly have not heard of Chuck Baldwin, whose views are almost totally consistent with Ron Paul’s.

One more thing about McPain and the Dumbo party saying they are pro-life. There is nothing pro-life about invading countries that haven’t done anything to you and killing God knows how many innocent people. And there is nothing Christian about paraphrasing the Beach Boys when proposing that we bomb the crap out of another such country.

Discernment is dead in way too many American churches nowadays. These churches are run by people who are power-driven rather than spiritually led. II Timothy 3:5 prophesies this development. They talk a good game about Jesus and “values”, but they will ignore the true power and authority of Jesus Christ in the pursuit of temporal electoral victories. Turn and run from them.

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(1) His father came from Hungary to New York around 1950. My great grandfather, Jacob Newman, came from Hungary to New York around 1880.

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