By Doug Newman

October 15, 2010

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This is truly a “note”. It is not a column, an article, or an essay. It is not the most eloquent thing I have ever written as I really don’t have time now for philosophical profundity.

So, why should you not vote for Tom Tancredo for governor of Colorado?

1)    He supports aggressive war and the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hence, he does not believe in the sanctity of human life.

2)    I know the “Issues” section of his web page says he is pro-life and contains an 11-second Youtube of him saying it would be a great day when Roe v. Wade was repealed. Here are two questions. First, why did he never co-sponsor Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act, which would have removed abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts - And, why will he not promise to do what governors should have started doing a long time ago and simply IGNORE Roe v. Wade –

3)    He voted for the TARP bailout. Hence, he cannot at all claim to be any kind of economic conservative.

4)    He voted for the Patriot Act. Hence, he supports warrantless searches and spying.

5)    He voted for the Military Commissions Act. Hence, he has no respect for the age old writ of habeas corpus.

6)    He voted to send a whole lot of other people to fight and bleed and die in the Middle East. However, he himself never served a day in the military. Hence, he is a coward to the most pathetic sort.

7)    Yes, I know Tancredo scored a lot of points with libertarians last fall when he endorsed legalizing marijuana. However, that was after he was out of congress. And now that he is running for governor of Colorado, I can’t find a single thing on his web site about legalizing marijuana. Does he only take such courageous positions when he has nothing at stake? What does this say about his character?

Please don’t tell me you would vote for someone like this to be the next governor of Colorado.

I hear the train a-coming … “But if we don’t elect Tancredo, we will get Maes or Hickenlooper.”  WHO FLIPPIN’ CARES??? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

Why not consider Libertarian candidate Jaimes Brown, or some other candidate from a non-privileged party? (1)

Or have you considered simply not voting for governor at all? This is neither a crime nor a sin. When all “viable” candidates are unacceptable, you have no “civic duty” to support any of them.

I vowed years ago to no longer put my stamp of approval on our current – Clinton, Bush, Obama – form of government, with its endless socialism, wars and attacks on our civil and economic liberties. Tancredo is just one more interchangeable part in this machine.

The Bible warns us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and that we should know people by their fruits – Matthew 7:15-20. Tancredo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The fruit on his tree is repulsive to anyone who truly values life and liberty.

If you value life and liberty, don’t vote for Tom Tancredo for Governor of Colorado.

(1) I stole this phrase from the late great Joseph Sobran.

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