By Doug Newman

August 22, 2007

 JM writes:

Doug; since the late 80s, we've had an explosion of political talk radio shows, mostly conservative leaning ones.

The liberals condemn these shows, thinking that they have too much influence. The conservatives praise these shows for their alleged honesty & integrity. I'm here to say something that you might have not heard before.

Personally, I don't think that political talk radio has much influence. Why? I'll tell you.

The Godfather of talk radio is Rush Limbaugh. He has an audience of 20 million listeners a week. However, the USA has, at last count, a population of 300 million people. That means that 280 million Americans DON'T listen to Rush Limbaugh; I've met people who have never even heard of him. The same goes for Hannity, O'Reilly, Liddy, Savage, etc. Outside of their audiences, they're nothing -- their influence on our society is vastly overblown.

The liberals want the Fairness Doctrine reinstated; I, for one, want The Freedom Network instated, a network of Libertarian talk radio. Hey, both the left & the right would band together to stop that one, wouldn't they?

Anyway, I don't think these political talkers are that big a deal--what's your take on it?


Actually I don't think most people are that political. Oh sure, they want good schools and safe streets and economic prosperity. However, they are not into the mechanics of how these things happen.

The fact remains, however, that Limburger, Hannity, etc. have huge audiences. I am no longer among them. In fact, I took KOA 850 as well as the mainstream Christian station off my dial a few months ago. It just made me angry. Moreover, after about 30 minutes my brain texture resembled apple sauce.

In the morning, I listen to a local guy, Peter Boyles. Very well read and excellent on illegal immigration and prolife. He also is willing to acknowledge the NAU, the Amero, etc. He is very wrong on a few issues, too. However, he is almost always interesting. Later in the day, I listen to Jim Rome. (Yes: Christian Patriots can be sports fans too.)

I want to introduce you to a Colorado station KHNC 1360 in Johnstown, 50 miles north of here. You can listen live on www.americanewsnet.com I have also discovered some cool internet radio at http://radio.theamericanvoice.com .

I remember at a cookout back in 1998 discussing with a rather well-to-do friend of mine the prospect of starting an internet radio station. He is libertarian in his orientation. A lot has happened since.

Doug -- www.thefot.us

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