By Doug Newman

September 18, 2007

Response to a column by Coach Dave Daubenmire on the subject of church music.


Excellent column about church music. While I am okay with contemporary worship, I do agree that things have gotten extremely namby-pamby. It is as if all these churches are competing for business on Sunday morning in the way that bars and restaurants compete for business on Friday and Saturday night.

Let's build a big building. Let's fill a whole lot of seats. Let's get the $$$$$$$$$ rolling in. But let's not get too convicting. No double-edged sword allowed -- Hebrews 4:12.

Jesus' yoke is easy and His Burden is light - Matthew 11:25. But not as easy and light as the modern-day megachurches would have you think it is.

I put your quote -- "There was a day when the Church used to resemble a battleship. Today it is a cruise ship. " -- on my quotes page.

Doug Newman --
Aurora, CO

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