Submitted to The Denver Post on April 30, 2002.
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In her letter of April 30, Dawn Heiser writes that rape happens not because women let their guard down, but because rapists are poorly educated in the area of human dignity. She states: "Instead of offering tips for women, the police could give tips to potential rapists."

Out in real life, a psychopath intent on rape will not be deterred by platitudinous tips from police and social workers. One "tip" that will drive home the point that rape does not pay is the business "tip" of whatever weapon their potential victims might be carrying at the moment of truth.

Am I suggesting that women be allowed to carry concealed guns in their purses? You bet I am. The more likely that a woman is packing heat in her purse, the less likely that some miscreant will want to mess with her. Gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens. Criminals are not deterred by frivolous laws, and they prefer their victims unarmed.

Police do not read tea leaves. They can only show up after a crime has been committed. The duty of crime prevention ultimately rests with an armed and vigilant citizenry. It is a travesty that governments want to deny us the God-given right to defend ourselves, and a greater travesty that so many people will relinquish this right to obtain some false sense of security.

Douglas F. Newman

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