They Want You To Panic

By my esteemed friend Phil Murphy, September 11, 2001

...So don't.

I already have had enough conversations with people across the country (via phone) to know that the sheeple are thinking everyone is a target and are losing any remaining common sense because of other people who have become detached from reality by this horrific act.

Please: The nation is on these bastards' menu -- not you, personally.

I know this is going to sound horrifically insensitive, but the fact that what amounted to -- militarily speaking -- a strategic pinprick can bring a nation's people to a state of disarray we're seeing unfold (even as I type this initial response) gravely concerns me. As terrible as this may sound, ultimately, it is the financial blow -- both real and perceived -- that will concern you and yours. I have even greater concerns...

Yes, pray for the dead, the dying, the injured and their loved ones, but NEVER lose sight of the fact that many more people gave their lives over the past 226 years to make sure you live and breathe in Freedom -- relative Freedom though it may be these days. Do NOT go off the deep end and cry for "more security" at the cost of your basic Liberty. Believe me -- there are powerful men who will willingly accommodate you at ANY cost.

This nation no longer shares the same collective soul we did in 1941 -- or even 1962. We have, in recent years, become a nation of cowards who believe we can legislate our way to safety and security. We have to be better than that now. We have to be much better than that now. We have to be strong. We have to act in concert, BUT AS FREE MEN -- not as national socialists.

America: Scream for their heads to be handed to you on a platter, not your own.


For those of you who remember, at the end of the 1964 motion picture "Fail Safe" (where Walter Matthau discusses with the Cabinet the question of, "Is there anything absolutely vital in New York?"), Matthau talks about the sheer necessity of excavating the nation's financial records (considering it was about to be nuked) as most of America's financial institutions are located there.

Nothing -- I repeat -- NOTHING has changed since then. Strange, isn't it?

So, while you're not panicking, and if you are of a mind to see farther than the latest newscasts' ill-informed speculation, please take this one warning to heart: The enemy from without is a far less formidable threat to our Liberty than the one presented by the enemy from within.

From one who loves his country and zealously guards its welfare against all enemies -- foreign, domestic and elected:

God Bless America, and the Republic for which it stood.

In respectful memory of those who died the Day America Changed,

Phillip W. Murphy
Co-Founder, Brassroots, Inc.

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