Osama's Millions

By Ray Etter

From an E-Mail to talk show host Hugh Hewitt on September 16, 2001

Good morning Hugh,

Thank you for your excellent and balanced coverage of the recent attacks on the United States. Since I don't own a television, I rely primarily on radio shows such as yours and the Internet to hear the news. Frankly, I think I'm better off because I must stay mentally engaged to hear, analyze and assess your opinions and those of your guests. Additionally, I'm not hypnotized by endless repeats of nauseating video and my intelligence is not insulted by imbecilic comments by moronic newscasters. Thanks. Let me get to the subject of this e-mail.

I've no experience in international banking and finance. My experience and current activities are in the military and intelligence fields of national security, so I'm throwing these thoughts out to you hoping you or one of your guests can address them.

I read a report this weekend that Bin Laden controls approximately $300M. First, that money must be held somewhere. No doubt it's dispersed among multiple institutions, but someone is holding the money. Second, he must be receiving contributions from many sources, but eventually it must be accounted for and accumulated in some account somewhere. Third, to finance their daily activities, there must be transactions and exchanges of money just like you and I experience everyday. Fourth, at some point in their "supply chain", they must interact with legitimate businesses.

I'm confident we can identify individuals and institutions knowingly and unknowingly involved in financing and facilitating his organization's activities and those of other terrorist organizations. Once identified, what should/shouldn't we do? No doubt US, European, and Asian banks and financial institutions are involved, but requiring US Bank or Bank of America to report to the federal government that I withdrew greater than $10,000 in cash is not going to make a difference.

Thanks. God bless.

Ray Etter
San Diego

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