December 12, 2004

By Steve Mungie

Published with permission.

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From the Desk of Wndbear

Copyright 2004


(This title may seem confusing;  "RE" does not mean "in reference" as is normally meant, when used like this! Yeah ... it's a bit over-the-top, but what the heck ... if it gets the point across, that's all that matters!)



The following OPEN letter is from an individual ... definitely no one of importance, and not representing anyone in particular,  nor any entity.

However, please note that this letter is addressed to multiple addressees, both nationwide and worldwide. Specifically, it is aimed at Military, Retirees, Veterans, and other Patriots, nationwide ... nay!  Worldwide!

I am requesting that all recipients (in favor of this proposal) in turn, forward it onward to others, and keep this going until a badly needed miracle happens. God knows, America desperately needs one bad!!! Further, if I have failed to mention (above), any particular Independent or "third party", or related entity, PLEASE COPY THIS LETTER, and forward it to them, as soon as possible.

I speak solely for myself, but hopefully on behalf of millions of Americans, who are fed up ... finally, enough is enough ...

My name is Steve Mungie, formerly a Colorado resident (16 years), now living in the "deep south" of Houston County, Alabama, and I frankly, damn it, I am very pissed off and very disillusioned .... but I haven't given it all up yet ... not as long as there is a "fighting chance", to win.

I am a former Libertarian, a former Republican, and right now, pretty much fed up with all of the wannabees, all of whom appear to be just that ... just plain and simple ... wannabees ... and that is what all will remain, is simply wannabees and has-beens, unless and until all of the individual small splinter third party groups come together and form a "confederacy", benefiting all, instead of just a few. And if things continue as expected, it will be about as effective as trying to organize a fire drill in an insane asylum. So typically "American"!!

Unfortunately, to date, most of the "third parties" are stuck in their own little ruts, their own little nonsensical agendas, and most are "one trick ponies", incapable of going beyond the childish bickering and in-fighting that has prevented any of them becoming a force to be reckoned with. Is it any wonder the Republicans and Democrats laugh themselves to tears, watching these fools in action???

Like many Americans, I've come to the reality, and conclusion, that the horribly corrupt "RePugnicraps", and "Demon-Crooks" are beyond redemption and should be dumped by anyone with half a mind, and any degree of Integrity.

Neither of the two "primary" parties are fit to run this nation, and both parties have violated our trust, our faith, and our nation.  Both parties are guilty of raping, robbing and destroying a once proud and great nation, destroying the best economy of the free world, and has forcibly lowered the quality of life of most Americans, to that of a "third world nation".   And yet, here we are, our butts in our hands, wondering what next to do .....


That in mind, the time for a "new birth" is here ... the new birth of a true and functional party which, from its beginnings, WHICH WILL REPRESENT ALL AMERICANS EQUALLY ... not just those who fatten the pockets of a few select leaders. A party which will answer to the people, and not to an elite, OR TO FOREIGNERS!

But then, reality once again sets in ....

Presently on the Internet, there is listed literally dozens of "third party" entities. Individually, none of these parties have a "snowball's chance in Hell" of electing a community dog catcher, much less a Senator, a Congressman, and certainly not securing the White House!

Individually, none can muster more than maybe a few hundred thousand votes, on a (combined) local, county level, state, or national level.

Its time we stopped fooling ourselves, and wake up to a very painful reality; we either must band together, or simply pick up our toys and go home. The show is over!

Each of these "third parties" however, consolidated and confederated under a single banner, a single leadership, with a single purpose, can muster the votes needed to "unearth" the vermin slithering through the Halls of Corruption, in Washington. United, a confederated third party could free America from the "neo-Nazi" Republicrat tyranny which has swallowed America whole!

By the simplest of definitions, a "confederacy" is a collection of individual sovereign "states" (or in this case, parties), banded together for the ultimate good of all. Even though together, each still maintains its own sovereignty, and individuality.

Think maybe ... the "South" was right after all? You'd be surprised what one can learn, by reading the other side's documents! The lies we heard about the South, were just that ... LIES! Wonder what it might take to open the eyes of the blind, here in America, short of a visit from the Greatest Physician of the Ages?

Can parties with different attitudes, different goals, different outlooks, band together, to break the bond of slavery and deceit, now in control of our once great nation? Why not?

For the good of the whole, individual egos must be put aside. Individual parties must come together and save the nation, or come 2006 and the mid-term elections, I suspect, the RePugnicraps will finally usurp whatever is left of the nation, and enslave the nation, under an enforced martial law.

After that, what's left??? Armed revolution? Civil war? Take your pick... either way, we all lose!

Was it my destiny to become a "voice", or a "peacemaker", a nobody who could reach out and help to mend the fences, and join together those who could make the difference? Hell, who knows? And for that matter, who cares? All I know is something has to be done!

To quote one of the greatest King in history, David as a child stood up, in the face of the great Goliath, and said ... "Is there not a cause?"

I ask the same of all of you: "Is there not a cause?" Is not our nation worthy of salvation, from those who would destroy it?

Now that said, let's get off our collective keisters and do something about it all. It will not happen by itself! It's in our hands ... instead of scratching your a**, get off of it!

I recommend the following.

1. On or before the year 2005 ends, it would be wise to organize a simple but to the point, meeting of the minds, at a common location. Drive there, or the DHS Pedophiles will fondle your bodies and those of your traveling companions!

2. The leadership of each party should get together, and work out a simple plan to organize into a singular group; an entity consisting of each known Independent party, forming a simple confederacy.

3. Each group must appoint or elect an "Ambassador" to the new Party, who has decision-making authority, in hand!

4. I recommend this get-together be done in the summer months, at a location central to all ... Not in NY or Washington, nor in a major hub, but at a location where control of "knowns" and "unknowns"can be supervised closely.

Keep in mind, the RePugnicraps "own" the FBI, the CIA, and the DHS.

5. The meeting must be for real, not a drunken party of wannabees, arguing over stupidity, but real issues, and real solutions.

Finally, a simple Internet clearinghouse "web site" needs to be set up, whereby ALL participants will be able to communicate, with individual members, in every locale.  Even the voice of "Joe Public" of Po'Dunk, Iowa, must have a "say" which can be heard ... and acknowledged by the new party's leaders.

CAN IT BE DONE? Why not!! Ask yourself: what is holding us back?

The simple reality is, Sweet Lady America is on her deathbed. We can nurse her back to health, and pick her up, brush off the dirt, and help her on her way through this life ... OR we can close our eyes, and say "piss on it" ... just pass the buck ...  and maybe our grandkids can fight the Revolution, long after we have been planted in the burnt earth!

The final choice is ours to make.  But whatever choice is made .... it must be made NOW ... not when it's too late for everything but the shovel full of dirt that will bury her!  Our future, and the future of all of our kids and MY grandkids depends on it.

NO ... I ain't perfekt by any means ... just Saved, by the Grace of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for all of our sins. Consider how many of the Founding Fathers paid the same price for your Freedom!


An American Grandpa
Steve Mungie
Dothan, Alabama USA

"If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." -- II Chronicles 7: 14, KJV Bible, c. 1611 AD


JOHN 3: 16 still means the same thing today, that it meant two million ago!

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