By Doug Newman

January 3, 2007


I am not passionate about party politics. I left the Republican Party in early 1992 when it was clear that there was no difference between what Bush I had done and what Michael Dukakis would have done. I cannot put my stamp of approval on our current political establishment.

I was glad to see the Republicans get their heads handed to them on November 7.

Bush and the Republicans -- i.e. the "conservatives" -- outspent Bill Clinton -- i.e. a "liberal" -- to the ttune of $800 billion per year. With the Patriot Act, domestic spying, warrantless searches, the TSA and the Military Commissions Act they have sent what was left of the Constitution throught the shredder. Not one thing has changed on the abortion front. Bush has appointed more gays to federal positions than any other president. The borders represent screen doors on a submarine. The War on Terror is nothing more than World War III against an "enemy" which has not even taken over Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries on earth.

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

I am a registered Libertarian. On November 7 I voted for some Libertarians and some Constitution Party candidates. Yes it would have been nice to have won. However, as an old friend once said: I don't mind losing elections nearly as much as I mind losing my liberty.

Both major parties hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights beneath contempt. I will not support them. Period.

Constitutionally yours,

Doug Newman -- www.tfot.us

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