By Doug Newman

February 8, 2008

Letter to the Denver Post.

Posted at Freedom4um.



Over the last eight years, countless people have told me that it was absolutely imperative to vote for George W. Bush and to support his policies because the Democrats were so much more liberal. These people tell me that, while Bush may not be perfect, we just cannot have liberals running this country!


This week, our “conservative” president announced the first $3 trillion federal budget in the nation’s history. In 2002, Bush became the first president to introduce a $2 trillion federal budget.


So there you have it. “Conservative” Bush outspends “liberal” Clinton by over $1 trillion per year. Moreover, the liberal social agenda that Republicans say they hate has thrived on Bush’s watch. In short, Bush has governed like a total liberal.


There is only one truly conservative candidate running for president this year: Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. He is a former OB-GYN and Air Force flight surgeon who has been married to the same woman for 51 years. He doesn’t just say he favors strictly limited government, very low taxes, free markets, sound money, secure borders and the Bill of Rights. His voting record and the legislation he has introduced over his 20 years in Congress are consistent with his words. Time and again, when the House voted 434-1 to expand the size and power of the federal government, Ron Paul was the lone dissenter.


To learn more about Ron Paul, go to his House web site at or to his campaign site at Support liberty! Support a true conservative! Support Ron Paul for president in 2008!


Doug Newman

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