By Doug Newman

June 19, 2010

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Letters to the Editor
The Denver Post

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There is much about Gary Faulkner’s life that is less than exemplary, but you have to give him this: he is willing to risk and sacrifice a great deal personally in accordance with his political views.


Hypocrisy is all over the political landscape. Some of the most aggressive advocates of tax-and-spend liberalism you will ever find have vacation homes in places like Aspen and Palm Beach. Most of those who thunder relentlessly about war like General Patton from the ease and comfort of great domed buildings and radio and TV studios have never served a day in the military.


Enter Gary Faulkner, a Greeley construction worker whose kidney issues and criminal background would no doubt disqualify him from ever enlisting in the military. He made headlines this past week after being apprehended on his sixth trip to Pakistan in order to kill Osama Bin Laden, or at least bring him to justice.


It is very easy to demand that your government “do something.” It is quite another to do something yourself to bring about the results you desire. For this, you really have to admire Gary Faulkner. If only more people would live the way they speak.


Douglas F. Newman

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