By Doug Newman

August 13, 2008

Posted on the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado list.

Now for Bruce's downside: his personality.

Doug Bruce was the Bobby Knight of Colorado politics. Bobby Knight -- for those of you who are not basketball fans -- was one of the greatest college hoop coaches ever. He won more games than any other coach. He won 3 national titles at Indiana. He had a very high graduation rate. And his teams were almost scandal-free.

That is except for Knight's boorish personality and unwillingness to control his temper. It cost him his job at Indiana. A lot of people -- myself included -- lost a lot of respect for him because ooof these personality issues.

Doug Bruce's antics wore out their welcome with me a long time ago. Not enough to prompt me to support a standard-issue neocon. However, it is a tough for me to feel any sympathy for him. He could have accomplished so much more had he not been such a jerk.

I know from my own personal life that anyone can make changes in their life if they want to.

Ron Paul had the success he had -- and left a huge grassroots movement in his wake -- because of his phenomenal people skills.

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