Although His Royal Bubbness does not frustrate me nearly as much as the Republican congress which has acquiesced to about 98 percent of his agenda,
he is pretty reprehensible and should have been CONVICTED.

Now About Clinton... (12/20/98)
Impeach Clinton Now!
Christopher Ruddy's Newsmax
The Clinton Body Count
The Libertarian Party was the FIRST political party to call for Clinton's impeachment.
Forget Monica, China, Vince Foster, etc. Consider this administration's reckless disregard for the Constitution, which our chief executive has twice sworn an oath, before God and the American people, to "preserve, protect, and defend."

Have we had it as a Republic? Phil Murphy seems to think so.

Feel Good Morality and Benedict Arnold did much less. E-mails to Bill O'Reilly of Fox News by my esteemed friend Chuck Smith.

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