April 4, 2004

By William B. "Bud" Gray of Trumpet America

Posted with author's permission.

George Bush will lose the Presidency in 2004, and it won't matter which Democrat runs against him, nor however much discredited that candidate may become.

George Bush will lose the Presidency for two reasons: 

1) Democrats are really fired up again and will squeeze out every possible vote from their door-to-door grassroots campaign (expect a 5% increase in registered Democrat voting compared to 2000); and

2) Traditional Americans, of all parties, are dismayed by the Administration's policies and practices relating to a number of issues they hold dear. These Concerned Citizens are very upset over the direction the Administration has been taking the country. They especially don't like:

 * Globalism and the emasculation of U.S. sovereignty (via free trade, outsourcing, multiculturalism, and all those international laws, courts and taxes, et cetera, and particularly that greatest pathogen, the U.N.);

* Deficit spending - irresponsible, irrecoverable deficit spending - which impoverishes us all one way or another, and which transfers our assets to foreigners;

 * Federal government intrusion into traditionally local issues, such as education and land management, and the increasing police state;

* And the final straw... The Administration's encouragement (no, let's be clear - the aid, comfort and open-armed welcome) of ILegal migration and mass immigration generally, which has been so detrimental to our economy and society.

From 1900-1980, annual legal immigration to the U.S. ran at 0.1% of the population; since 1980 it has run at 0.4%, a four-fold increase, and that rate is matched by ILegals. Today, one adult out of each hundred was not resident here last year; one out of five was not born here. Foreigners are moving to the U.S. and, so far, we have not insisted that they learn and use English in their public lives, that they learn American history, traditional values and civic participation, or that they obey our laws and the spirit of our laws. They move here and apply their own languages and their own ideas of right and wrong; this disrupts traditional American culture and conflicts with established norms. These newcomers are not assimilating. Our once united states are Balkanizing as we speak. It is a dangerous thing.

"All these hatreds arose out of the same essential causes. Two or more population groups, each with its own special narrow and inadaptable culture and usually with a distinctive language or dialect, had been by the change of scale in human affairs jammed together or imposed one upon another. A sort of social dementia ensued. In the absence of a common idea of community, civilized motives gave place to instinctive hostilities and spasmodic impulses." - H.G. Wells

Subculture threatens society. It is a viral agent that weakens community and erodes potential. It detracts from united effort and works to factionalize and redefine. It is a seductive promise made powerful by articulate ideologues. It is a domestic enemy.

A domestic enemy.

Concerned Citizens see the danger and will now, this year, vote their conscience. They are stomping their feet and saying "No More!" And they are pursuing concrete solutions to these problems.

There are third parties whose platforms adhere to 'right' standards and principles, and traditionalists will support those values at the ballot box.

They know what they are doing. They know they will be 'giving' the election to the Democrats. They don't care anymore. They will send their message this election cycle - give notice, so to speak - that this country, this nation and its traditional heritage, is Good and worth saving. From now on, they will take action to elect officials at all levels of government who will do their bidding, the way the Founding Fathers intended it.

You will see. We are witnessing the beginning of a Great Change in American politics. There will rise among us Other Options, other socio-political groups who will come to the fore and, I dare say, to our rescue.

George Bush will lose the Presidency in November by 3 to 6 points, depending on the performance of third-party candidates. It is good. It is good because it will free us from the current two-party system.

There will be troubled times; but, dear Patriot, there would be trouble just the same. Cast off wrong thinking and wrong ways! Steady your nerve, harden your resolve! Grim determination is needed to save Our Nation. We must do what is Historically Necessary.

 "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine

Freely Speaking: Essays by Doug Newman


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