By Doug Newman

October 22, 2008

Part of my response to an e-mail about global financial manipulation...

The tinkering of which you speak is far more profound than most people know. While I certainly don't understand all of it, the whole business of central banking and fiat currency drives just about everything we see, hear and experience.


Pat Buchanan wrote recently that left and right are two wings of the same bird of prey. Ultimately, the same people run the show. They set up this false left-right paradigm and get people fighting endlessly over meaningless junk. There is a great line in Macbeth about "a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." The real problem is not the media, Washington, Hollywood, etc. The real problem is that so many people are so willing to believe what their chosen spinmeisters tell them, no matter how absurd.


I pay very little attention to the MSM at this point. It is just an endless deluge of lies. At least I can look at sports and be confident that the Phillies and Rays got to the World Series based on merit and accomplishment. I wish I could say the same about McPain and Bigcrock.

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